Party Suite Registration Opens Saturday!

[UPDATED: Previously the title stated Friday.  This was incorrect.  The correct date is Saturday 29th February.  Apologies for the confusion!).

We’re pleased to announce we’ll shortly be opening for Party Suites!  This year, we’ve changed the process, so please read the below for details (To see more details about party suites, prices etc, go HERE)

The Lottery will open for applications on 29th February at 7pm, and will close on 7th March at 7pm.  The draw will then be held on 9th March. The application form will be HERE:

Now, onto the new process!  Each night of the convention, there’s only two party suites available for booking.  Previously, we’ve used a ‘first come first served’ booking process. However, this meant there was only an extremely limited window of opportunity to apply.

This year, we’ve decided to switch to a lottery process. Here’s how it will work;

  1. When you load the online form, you’ll be asked for your registration number and nickname.
  2. You can specify up to six preferences for which day you’d like (just choose ‘N/A’ for any preference slots you don’t want to use).
  3. We’ll run a draw for names.  As each name is drawn, they will be allocated a room in order of preference based on rooms available. The draw will be repeated until all rooms are allocated.

If, following this process any rooms are still not allocated, we’ll offer applicants first-dibs on further draws.  Following this we’ll go public to offer further options if any rooms still remain unsold.

If applicants don’t respond & pay within 14 days, then we’ll redraw for that date in preference order to give other applicants the option.  It is important to keep an eye on your email (and perhaps whitelist to avoid any emails from us being caught in your junk-mail!).

You must be registered as a residential attendee for the convention at either the Hilton, or Crowne Plaza.  Due to contractual limitations, Party Suites on the Early Arrival / Late Departure days will only be open to those who have booked to stay early/late as appropriate.

The rooms are subject to the same Hilton Terms and Conditions, and ConFuzzled Code of Conduct and Conditions of Sale.

ConFuzzled and Hilton wish for you to enjoy your space and privacy, and you are politely requested to be mindful of the noise levels so as not to disturb other convention guests and hotel residents.

If you have any further questions, please contact