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Update 24/03/2020: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Attendee, 

As all of you will be aware, we are living through one of the most unprecedented events in a generation.  None of us can escape the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic. The changes brought about by many of the nations of the world are difficult, but necessary, to ensure everyone’s wellbeing.  

In these difficult times, we are now having to take similar unprecedented measures, and it is therefore with a heavy heart we must inform you that we have taken the decision to cancel ConFuzzled 2020.

The next ConFuzzled will be in May 2021.

We understand that this will be, for many, upsetting news. However the health and safety of our attendees, our team, and the venue teams is priority one. This decision, whilst difficult, is the responsible one to take.  

What happens next?

We know that this is going to leave you with many questions.  We have provided some immediate information this evening, with a further update to follow next week.  The update next week will include a much more detailed outline of what this all means for you, and your options.

We once more ask for your patience whilst we make the necessary preparations.  This will allow us to make everything that comes next, as smooth as possible. To avoid over burdening our registration team, we kindly ask if you could please refrain from emailing them your questions or requests until we make the process public next week.  

What does this mean for ConFuzzled?

ConFuzzled UK Ltd is a non profit members club.  We as an organisation are able to deliver the event year on year thanks to the generous support and contributions of our members, you.  

As you can appreciate, the cancellation of the event has many financial consequences.  We operate an incredibly tight budget, with many of our services being paid for in advance.  With us being very close to the date of when the event was due to take place, we now require some time to allow return of funds back to the company.  

What happens to my registration? 

Our finance team is working diligently to assess this impact and we once again emphasise our repeated request for patience whilst they determine what these options will look like to you.  Things currently being considered are;

  • Donating your con fee
  • Rolling over your registration
  • Refund packages

Can you postpone the event to later in the year?

Regrettably, whilst we know many of you would like this to be an option, we feel it is in the best interest of the attendees and the team to plan ahead for 2021.  We have taken this decision based on the wellbeing of our team to not be faced with the pressures of delivering 2 events in a short period of time. This also avoids for you, our attendees, any confusion and uncertainty about missing the event.

Whilst this year has been an incredibly difficult journey and we have faced uncertainty in these trying times, we can now confidently plan ahead, and move forward towards the future. 

I have more questions, who can I talk to?

We understand that you may have many questions that have not been answered right now. We would ask that you wait until we have published the processes and options available to you as these may address many of your further queries.

Our team is fully voluntary and like yourselves, they have had their daily routines and jobs thrown into chaos by the lockdown. Nevertheless we are working hard to get everything in place as quickly as possible, as having the event cancelled like this is not something we ever thought we would have to do.

We will ensure that full details of whom to contact with questions is included in our detailed options update next week if your query is not addressed within that message.

In closing, we want to express as always our love and appreciation to you all for your support of ConFuzzled and the team.  We all of us find ourselves in these unique circumstances together, however we will weather this storm as a community.. Thank you for your understanding, and we wish you all good health and safety.


Kind Regards, 


Rizzorat, Crimson, Russet

ConFuzzled UK Ltd Board of Directors