Testing Ground

We’re sorry we can’t see you all this weekend

… but don’t despair, we’ve been working hard to bring a Virtual ConFuzzled to you, online!

The Schedule
Saturday 23 May

All times in BST

Agent November
Agent November has been trapped, and only your comms can get him out of the room he’s be trapped in. you have 60 mins….Or….Else…
See agentnovember.co.uk for more info
Quiplash, is there more to say? Will be live streamed.
Hellkin Panel
Want to know about the closed species, how they work and maybe join the family? Come join the panel to find out!
A Series of Arbitrary Problems
Chocolate Kitsune talks about his varied experiences setting up and running his business as a full-time furry artist.In this panel, he gives some background insight about what goes into his art, the hurdles he’s faced while working, and how he’s dealt with them. He shares his observations and advice with other artists, commissioners and fans alike, recounting a few more notably “humorous” escapades, often tech-related, that have coloured his eventful years-long journey.
Adler Animates Live: The 12 Principles
Adler explains the 12 principles of animation
How To Start (and run) An Online Community
Signal channels, forums, IRC. We have lots of ways to find like-minded people – but how do you create your own space? And more importantly, how do you keep it friendly, welcoming and positive?
Do you like science? Wanna know what makes furries tick? Let the scientists over at FurScience walk you through more than a decade of research on this weird and wonderful fandom of ours! Whether you’re new to the fandom or a long-time greymuzzle, you’re sure to learn something!
Pub Quiz – Feat Dackson!
Dackson Presents the annual madness that is CFz’s Pub quiz, just….from your couch!
Sunday 24 May

All times in BST

Furry Youtuber Panel

Passionate about video but not sure where to begin? Wanting some inspiration or maybe you just want to know what its like behind the scenes or perhaps you just love furry YouTube. Join Shadow Raccoon and Theadore Rabbit from the comfort of your own home to talk all things furry relating YouTube. We’ll share tips, tricks and reveal some of the behind the scenes and host a Q&A session where you can ask everything you’ve wanted to ask.

Antique Furries Roadshow
Come have a look at the artwork, costumes, stories and animation of furries when the world was in black and white.
From stories and folklore that were written in the 1800s to cartoons in the 1960s, marvel at the antiquities of furry art and find out some interesting trivia of the past along the way.
Charity art stream – Medosai
Charity art stream! Medosai will be drawing a ConFuzzled theme piece which you can donate to claim a copy of.
Email proof of your donation to crazywolfgirl@live.co.uk and once the piece is complete you will receive a full resolution copy of the image, which will not be uploaded anywhere else! No donation too big or small for our wonderful charity.
Hypno Talk With Nexus
Hello and welcome to hypno talk with Nexus, we will discuss various topics related. Your free to ask me anything related to the topic as well.
Gems Sing’n’Sketch
A livestream of free (or charity donation) doodles with offensive comedy songs thrown into the mix.
Flash Fiction
Annual competition in creating 5 sentence stories.
Submissions are open now! Simply complete this form to enter
Closing Ceremony
It’s over. Go home.