Fuzz Focus: 2 Fuzz 2 Focus

Do you enjoy making videos and would like an opportunity to show them to a live audience? Fuzz Focus is an amateur film festival aimed at creators in the furry community. Whether it is a film you have already created or you would like to make something for the event, we welcome all submissions, no matter what the skill level.

We would love to see original content such as but not limited to:

  • Animation (traditional, CGI, Machinima etc.)
  • Comedy skits
  • Narrative driven short films
  • ConFuzzled theme related movies (see here for details about this years theme )

The length of the submissions should be no longer than 10 minutes, be submitted in MP4 format and at a minimum of 720p resolution. Submissions should be in landscape (unless it is related to the narrative of the film). You are welcome to create something on your own or with a group of people (one of which should be attending ConFuzzled).

If you would like to submit a video that has been edited in an app such as TikTok or Byte, select the option telling us you have and we can review the video. We may ask to edit the video so that it fits the criteria.

Submissions can deal with adult themes but we will not accept submissions that entirely consist of and/or positively promote:

  • Anti-social acts
  • Drug use
  • Gore
  • Improper use of intellectual property
  • Pornography

When making your films, do not put yourselves into unnecessary danger or commit any offences.

If you are interested in taking part and / or have any questions please send an email to rikmccloud@confuzzled.org.uk . Otherwise, fill out the form HERE. The final acceptance date for submissions will be 1st May 2020. Happy creating!