We Need Your Art and Photos!

Every year, ConFuzzled produces a full colour con book, a bunch of neat hangings, artwork to put up around the venue and a bundle of cool goodies for our attendees and sponsors – and we invite you to submit artwork to decorate these things! These submissions don’t have to feature our mascot, Brok the Badger, but it is encouraged! In addition to lovely artwork, we highly encourage photographer to share their favourite moments from past conventions as well!

Art and photo submissions are open until 7th February 2020.


  • We accept all common image file formats, including .psd files
  • If you’re submitting single character drawings, make sure they’re on a transparent layer
  • When submitting artwork with a background, ensure that important elements (such as characters or key objects) are not drawn too close to the edge of the image
  • Please ensure that submitted artwork/photographs are in print quality

We publish under a Creative Commons licence (BY-NC-ND 2.0 UK) and if you submit your work, you agree to let us publish your work under it too.

Please be aware that while we try to use every submission we receive, we cannot promise you that everything submitted will be used.



Drawing Brok the badger

If you want to draw our mascot, Brok for us, then there are a few useful references and guidelines on his own page here.

Art templates

Want to make sure you get the sizes right?
A full conbook page has the the dimensions of 220mm x 260mm.

For bigger items, we’ve got some handy templates right here: