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Join our ideas forum!

As part of our commitment to improve ConFuzzled for all our attendees, we’re going to be forming an ideas forum. ConFuzzled has always been a ‘by furs, for furs’ event – and we want to make sure the convention stays relevant to the community. As such, we want the ideas forum to capture information on how the convention can deliver the best experience for you and drive those ideas forward. As part of the process of starting up the ideas forum, we’re today hiring for the role of the Ideas Forum Lead, who will act as chair of the forum.

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Ideas Forum Lead


As part of ConFuzzled UK Ltd’s drive to remain in touch with the moods and desires of our attendees this job role has been created to lead ConFuzzled UK Ltd’s new market research team.

About the team

  • The team consists of one Red Badge job role who will act as the Chair of committee meetings and be the official liaison between the steering committee and the Directors.
  • All other committee members are volunteers drawn from the voting members, staff, crew and attendees of ConFuzzled.


This job role has the following responsibilities

  • Form and lead steering committee for convention market research purposes following an agreed format and process
  • Stay in email contact throughout the year
  • Committed to having a diverse range of views represented on the steering committee supported by the Directors and communication team to help make sure all possible views are heard by the committee/forum.

Core responsibilities

  • Formation and leadership of market research focussed steering committee
  • Compiling results of market research, surveys, ideas in a quarterly report to be delivered to the directors
  • Present quarterly results of market research to the Directors of ConFuzzled UK Ltd.

Essential characteristics

A successful applicant will:

  • Be able to communicate professionally with attendees, crew, and staff at all seniority levels
  • Be organised and thorough, and able to keep meticulous records that can be read and understood by others
  • Have an understanding of how ConFuzzled the convention operates with a focus on the events, attendees and offerings the convention delivers each year.
  • Has an understanding of how to run a survey and interpret the data.

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