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Where’s my refund?

By now, the vast majority of refunds have been completed successfully.  Most of you will have been notified of your refund having been processed, and the funds transferred to the account you specified on your refund request form.

There are two outstanding issues at present;

  1. Some of you have been notified that your refund has been processed, but the funds have not yet arrived in your account.
  2. There are still some outstanding refunds that have not yet been processed.

We want to give you an update, so that if the above applies to you, that you have some insight into the situation.

You’ve been notified of refund completion, but you don’t see the funds in your account.

If this applies to you, then the first thing we must ask is that you contact us by emailing  If you’ve already done this, you don’t need to do it again.

There have been some transfers where some sort of ‘hold’ has occurred on the transfer-process.  Unfortunately, we don’t actually see that there has been a delay at our end, hence the need to ask that you contact us, so that we can escalate the issue with our banking provider and ask them to investigate. We must do this manually for each delayed transfer, individually.

These transfer-holdups have been entirely out of our hands.  Rest assured that the transfer request was submitted to our banking provider, and when we are made aware of the problem, we are doing everything possible to have the issues investigated and resolved.

We appreciate your patience in this matter.  Please note that it may take a little while to respond to your email tickets when you contact us – our team is voluntary in nature and are not always able to give an instant reply.

You have not yet received notification of refund

There are still a small number (less than 50) of refunds still outstanding.  The vast majority of these are for international attendees.

International transfers are subject to some additional banking bureaucracy. Sadly we are not a large enough business entity to have the kind of banking facilities that might otherwise enable us to expedite these transactions.

This effectively means the rate at which we can process the transfers is somewhat throttled.

We are however still working away at getting the last remaining transfers done, and we are also investigating options to speed up the process if we can.

Again, we appreciate your patience in this matter.  Once we have arrived at the completion of all outstanding refunds, we will post another announcement.

Thank you

We know that the wait has been frustrating.  We are no happier about it than you are.  We have no desire to hang onto anyone’s money.  We want to get your refund processed or resolve any holdups as quickly as possible.

Our volunteers are doing everything they can to sort this for you, and we’ll try our best to resolve everything soon.

If you have submitted an email ticket, please note that it may take a member of our team a few days to get back to you.  We will respond just as soon as we can.  If you got a ticket ID auto-reply, then your email is in the system with us.

We thank you for your patience and support for the convention.

Many thanks.