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Update 20/03/2020: Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Dear Attendee, 

We at ConFuzzled want you to know that we are reacting to every piece of information as it is delivered by the Government. Today, the Prime Minister Boris Johnson advised that a more aggressive posture was being adopted in response to the epidemic.  The government has now called for the closure of cafes, bars, restaurants, night clubs, theatres, non-essential shops, gyms and leisure centers.  

Frustratingly, there still remains no immediate clarity in regards to hotel closures, as this was not specifically mentioned, and many venues continue to remain open.  This means that we are once again forced to seek further clarification, and work with our venues to understand our position. These conversations now cannot take place until early next week at the earliest, so we appreciate your continued patience – these are not easy times.  

Why can’t you simply cancel?

As per our statement on Monday 15th March, it is unfortunately not a straightforward decision that we can take in isolation.  The difficult reality ConFuzzled is faced with is a set of different scenarios that if played out, could mean no more ConFuzzled events in future.

The Directors have a legal obligation to secure the future of ConFuzzled, but also have a moral and ethical obligation to the safety and wellbeing of our attendees and team alike.   We want to do everything within our power to ensure we do right by you, the attendee, whilst trying to ensure at the same time we can guarantee the survival of ConFuzzled.  

Are the hotels being unhelpful?

We must stress that we have an incredibly good working relationship with our venues and are in constant communication with each other.  

At these times, we must remember that our venues operate in the hospitality industry – one that is suffering catastrophic impact as a result of COVID-19.  They are businesses, with business interests, and whilst they remain in a position to deliver a service, will continue to do so.  

On a day-to-day basis we’re working to understand how current legislation changes our obligations to the Hotels, and theirs to us.  Once again this is why in good faith we continue to plan for the event to proceed as normal and our hotels remain committed as always to us.    

What are you actively doing in the background?

The Directors are applying their focus to reacting to each bit of information as it becomes available.  As well as reviewing each piece of legislation and government directive in detail, we have also written to the Government directly for clarification.  We are also currently running an impact assessment to understand our ability to effectively deliver the convention under the current conditions.  

As always, when anything does change, we will not hesitate to inform our attendees and staff.

In the meantime, the wider ConFuzzled team continues to busily plan for the event.  This time of year is particularly frantic as final arrangements start to come together.

The hotel likewise continues to plan, and have implemented a number of changes in response to the virus.  This includes, but is not limited to, the implementation of a specific Coronavirus awareness training program, hand sanitizers in all public areas, and increased sanitization of all touch points within the hotel 24 hours a day.  

Thank You

Once again, we need to express our thanks and appreciation to everyone – our attendees and staff, for continuing to be patient, supportive, and understanding with us in these difficult circumstances.  The Directors wish to convey that they are working around the clock to get answers and to make the right and informed decisions that are in everyone’s best interest. 

Thank you again for your continued support!


Kind Regards, 

Rizzorat, Crimson, Russet

ConFuzzled UK Ltd Board of Directors