Day tickets now open!

Registration is still open. If you haven’t got a room, your best chance is to book for an attending only ticket, and find other accommodation local to our venue (Hilton Birmingham Metropole).

If you’re seeking a day ticket, good news, we’re open!

To obtain a day ticket, please follow the process.

  • Register ATTENDING ONLY at
  • In the ‘notes’ section, please specify the day(s) you want.
  • The price shown will of course be for a full attending only ticket, but don’t worry, payment isn’t needed yet. You can go ahead and complete registration and we won’t ask for the money at this stage.
  • Then, immediately email to ask for your registration to be converted to a day-ticket.
  • When the registration team confirm this, you’ll then be asked to make payment, which will now be reset at the correct rate.

If you have questions, please contact