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IMPORTANT: Registration Postponed

TL,DR version: Registration is postponed until Friday 1st November @ 2000 (UK Time).

We have some important information to share with you regarding the opening of registration.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have had to take the decision to postpone registration. We are very sorry to have had to do this.

We know this will cause frustration and disappointment for many of you.  We recognise that you will likely have made special plans to be available tomorrow evening to ensure you secure your registration.  We apologise for the short-notice announcement of this change. Please believe us when we say that we were working very hard right up until the last moment to avoid this.

The new registration time and date: Friday 1st November @ 2000 (UK Time).

Why are we making this decision?  As a result of uncertainty surrounding the UKs departure from the European Union, our banking & credit card handling partners have imposed additional conditions that we’re having to work through.  Unfortunately, this is resulting in various operational changes, including (but not limited to), switching our payment partners to ensure we can maintain our normal operations.

We’d like to reassure you all that registration will be going ahead on the new date, and that ConFuzzled is not financially impacted by the above changes.  Furthermore, we are fully confident that we can continue to welcome those of you who visit ConFuzzled from EU countries. Whilst we expect travel documentation requirements may change, as long as these are satisfied, we see no reason you should be unable to visit ConFuzzled.

As always, if you have registration related questions, please contact

Please see the following statement from our chair, Rizzorat;

Dear ConFuzzled Attendee’s, 

As always, we are very grateful for your interest in ConFuzzled, and we know that you are keen to register and secure your place for CFz2020.   It is with regret, but with good reason, that we have taken the decision to delay the opening of registration until Friday 1st November, 2019.  

As you will no doubt be aware, the UK is due to leave the European Union at the end of October as a result of Brexit.  As business climate and uncertainty has set in, this has meant we have had to make a number of concessions with our bank and credit card handlers.  

Whilst these issues are now addressed, this requires some configuration changes to our payment systems.  As a result, we have taken the decision to delay opening so we can reliably implement and test these changes.

Whilst we realise this is a source of disappointment, we appreciate your understanding and patience at this late hour in that we have not taken this decision lightly, and feel it absolutely necessary to ensure your peace of mind.  

Thank you from all the team at ConFuzzled.

Kind Regards, 


Chairman – ConFuzzled UK Ltd