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Improving events accessibility

ConFuzzled is constantly working to make your convention experience better every year. We’re not just about putting on big shows and Fursuit Parades. We’re also about inclusivity, and making sure every attendee has access to all our Events and spaces during the convention.

If you have a mobility issue, hearing impairment, sensory difficulties, allergies, or any other requirements that might impede your enjoyment of ConFuzzled, we never want you to feel like this should be a barrier to your enjoyment of your time at the convention.

Thanks to feedback provided by you, the Events Team are working on ensuring that no attendee is deterred from any event during the convention. We have lots of ideas on how to make this happen, but we need some extra information from you to find out if they’re required and how well they’ll work.

With this in mind, we have been working with the registration team and have added an option to the registration system that will allow us to get in direct contact with those of you who have additional needs. This ensures we can take your needs into account whenever possible. Your information will be handled with the utmost care and sensitivity, in line with our privacy policy. We will do our very best to see no-one is excluded or has any accessibility issues during your time with us.

The new option can be ticked during the registration process as shown below. The Events team will then be in direct contact with you at a later stage to discuss your specific adjustments, and how we can best implement any assistance or adjustments you require.

ConFuzzled Accessibility Option (Registration)

[During registration, a list of options will appear, allowing you to indicate preferences, special interests etc. If you have particular accessibility requirements, and would like us to contact you to ensure you have full and proper access to all our events and spaces, tick the option titled ‘Please contact me about events accessibility’ during the registration process]

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