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How to register for ConFuzzled, a few tips

For those new to ConFuzzled (or even for old-hands wanting a refresh), it’s important to have your registration plan nailed down!

Why?  Well, ConFuzzled is now large enough that we get a huge number of registrations immediately, the moment we open! That means for residential registrations, many of our room types sell out in a matter of minutes.  As we are operating a first-come, first-served system, that means you’ll want to plan ahead!

We know this leads to a lot of stress on ‘opening night’.  Believe me – all of us on the ConFuzzled staff know what this is like.  We’ve all been there ourselves, hammering the F5 key, desperately trying to secure a spot for a convention we really want to attend.  We don’t wish this stress upon anyone, and we absolutely understand the dissapointment if you find you didn’t secure your first choice for a room.  Trust us: we understand!

We do have some advice though to try to help, and you’ll find this especially useful if you’re new to ConFuzzled;

  • Don’t panic
  • Remember, Registration opens 1st November, 8PM UK Time.
  • Be ready in advance – review the different registration options so you know what to pick as you’re proceeding through our registration process.
  • Registration will be available here: (you won’t be able to access this early).
  • Consider adding the ‘early arrival’ and ‘late departure’ options – this adds an extra day onto the beginning and end of your stay, extending your ConFuzzled experience!
  • Figure out who you plan to room with – for double, twin and triple room types, you’re booking a space in the room, not the whole room! This means you both (or all) should register at the same time!  Then, enter in the reg notes box who you plan to share with.  If only one of you registers, you won’t be able to ‘hold’ the room for other people if they can’t register until later.
  • Don’t worry if you don’t hear anything right away. Our team will have their work cut out reviewing all the incoming registrations and sorting out all the confirmations – it can take time!
  • Don’t forget to confirm your email – you’ll get a confirmation link sent to your inbox.
  • Then, wait to receive your request for payment.  Don’t forget to pay – if you let this slide, you might lose your registration!
  • Didn’t get your first choice for a room?  Worry not! Other options will be presented to you in the form of different room types, rooms at our overflow hotel – the Crowne Plaza, or a waiting list spot.
  • Missed out during opening night?  Our best advice is to register as soon as you can! The sooner you register, the further forward you’ll be in any waiting lists, or considerations if any additional rooms become available.

Got questions?  You can contact our registration team directly using